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Ontario Fly in Fishing Outposts in Canada
with Everything You Need

"60 Years" in Business

Without Grandfather Carl Walsten's Vision, Knowledge & Insight none of this would be possible. 60 years of Northern Hospitality.

Carl Walsten

Come Join Us For You Next Fishing/ Hunting Adventure

Walsten Outposts offers a "fly-in" fishing vacation like no other. Located in the heart of Ontario Canada's Trophy Waters Conservation Area. You have a choice of 9 remote lakes filled with walleye, northern pike , lake trout and smallmouth bass. Whatever your fishing preferences may be, Walsten assures a once in a lifetime adventure.

Known for a being a unique and memorable fishing experience, Walsten Outposts located in the heart of Ontario's Trophy Waters is also known for having the very best in Canadian fishing.

As you plan your trip, imagine the pristine wilderness, lakes loaded with walleyes, pike. lakers and smallies, first-class accommodations. Walsten Outposts has it all. It's the adventure of a lifetime - you'll want to return to again and again.

ontario northern fishing
38 Inch Northern

Ontario Fly in Fishing, the Canadian Way

The fish stories here are actually true! In fact, you'll enjoy the best fly in fishing Canada has to offer. We've also implemented our catch and release program that has enabled our Trophy Waters to be regarded as the best fishing in Canada.

Our Canada Fishing Trips Are Considered the Best Fishing in Canada

Join us for a special time you'll never forget. Canada fishing packages start at $1,290 per person (plus tax) for 3 days of fishing.

If you've never experienced the fun and adventure of a Canada fly in fishing trip, now is the time. Enjoy Canada walleye fishing, lake trout, smallmouth bass and Canada northern pike fishing! Walston provides a wonderful vacation from the time you arrive in Kenora until you get off the plane for your return home. Walsten Outposts is considered the best fly in fishing Canada has to offer. Quite simply, a once in a lifetime experience you'll come back to every year.