Moose, Bear, and White Tail Deer Hunting in Canada

The Ultimate Canada Bear and Moose Hunting Trip

The Canada bear and moose hunting trips start in the Fall. You receive air transportation (leaving from Kenora, Ontario), all camp facilities, boats, motors, gas, canoes, experienced guides, home cooked meals and, of course, world class hunting. We have had 75% or better moose hunt success rate since we started in 1960. Also, a flight will arrive every second day to haul your game back to our docks in Kenora.

Canada Rifle White Tail Deer Hunting

We also have trophy white tail deer hunts. Our remote, rugged hunting zone for white tail deer is only one hour's drive north of Kenora. It has minimal hunting pressure and rugged terrain. Because only the strong survive, trophy bucks with 185 to 220 point rack scores and 250 lb plus, big-bodied bucks are very common and easily hunted. This hunt is semi-guided and has drive-in access to Separation Rapids Outpost, only. Inquire for availabilities and rates. This is a very popular hunt and openings are limited. The photos below show the quality of big deer in our area. The further north you go with no hunting pressure, the bigger and better they are.

What to Bring On Your Hunting Trip

Bring warm clothing, rain gear, sleeping bag, rifle, shotgun, ammunition, fishing tackle, camera, medications, personal gear, refreshments, and don't forget to purchase your fishing and/or hunting licence in Kenora before your flight to the outpost.

2015 Rates

Canada Archery Moose Hunt

Season: September 15 - October 8, 2012
8 day hunt
1 guide for 1 hunter: $5500.00 per hunter
1 guide for 2 hunters: $4000.00 per hunter

Canada Rifle Moose Hunt

Season: October 8 - 30, 2012
8 day hunt
1 guide for 1 hunter: $6595.00 per hunter
1 guide for 2 hunters: $5595.00 per hunter
  • These hunts are all bull tags only. Inquire for rates for bull tag / calf tag mix or any other special circumstances.
  • Includes food & hunting license(s); taxes and export permit(s) are extra.
  • Includes, boat, motor, gas, local air transport, check flights, moose out, and game care.
  • We can customize the hunt and tailor it to your requirements. Please call or email.

Canada Rifle White Tail Deer Hunt

Season: November 1 - December 15, 2012

Canada Bear Hunting - Archery or Rifle

Season: August 15 - September 30, 2012
7 day fly-in hunt: $2500 per person (plus tax)
7 day drive-in hunt (to Separation Rapids outpost or Trout Lake outpost only): $1700 per person (plus tax)
Not included: food, license(s), export permit(s)
  • Includes local air transport, check flights, bear out, and game care.
  • These hunts are semi-guided and include all pre-baiting; guaranteed active bait sites.
  • We hunt as far west in Ontario as possible - right along the Manitoba border. This area produces many bigger bears - 625 lbs the largest taken in 1998. The healthy forage base and habitat in the west seems to produce bigger animals than regions to the east. References available on request. Please call or email us for more information.

Winter Wonderland Experiences

We offer unique winter photo excursions and sightseeing trips to either of our 2 closest outposts, Trout Lake and Separation Rapids. The photo at left below shows our ice house at the Trout Lake cabin with 80 blocks of ice in it. At 300 lbs per block, that's 24,000 lbs of ice, plenty of ice for the summer months ahead. The Trout Lake ice house is one of seven ice houses we have ''up north.''

The wildlife is still very abundant in winter and you will see moose, wolves, rabbits, plus many other animals that are elusive and difficult to see in the summer. In fact, there are wolf tracks in the background of the photo above right (click on it to see a larger image). Winter wolf hunts are also available. For more details on any of these opportunities, please contact us.

Please Note: In order to ensure we do not exceed our maximum number of guests at one time, it is important that each group arrives with only the number of people the reservation was originally made for.

In order to hold a reservation, a deposit of $1000 U.S. per person is required within 10 days of making your reservation. Your deposit is non-refundable but it may be transferred to a later trip. Personal cheques are accepted for deposits only. The balance of your trip must be paid for in cash or travellers cheques.