JOE’S LAKE is a fly-in Ontario Canada lake

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What You'll Catch:



Cabin: sleeps up to 8

Portage Lakes: 2

Lake Size:3,750 acres
Maximum Lake Depth:190 ft
Lake Map:For larger Map and Download Click on Map Image.


  • Joe's Lake :



  • Joe's Lake + Little Joe's Lake + Elbow Lake (an overview) :



Boats & Motors: 14 ft Lund’s with swivel seats, 9.9 and 15 hp Yamaha’s (all gas provided)
Flight time and miles in Float Plane from Kenora to touch down on Joe’s Lake: 35 minutes and 62 miles

Joe’s Lake record Walleye: 31.5 inches, 11.5 lbs -caught and released (to be caught again)
Joe’s Lake record Northern Pike: 44.5 inches, 25.2 lbs - caught and released (to be caught again)

You are the only cabin on the lake…

Joe's Lake is an extremely private lake where you can fish for and constantly catch Walleye and Northern Pike.

Joe's is a very healthy stained-water lake and spring and fall are easy walleye and trophy northern pike fishing because the fish are in the shallows at those times.

Two additional lakes accessible by portage provide more exciting Walleye, and even bigger Northern Pike action.

What You'll Catch . . .

Joe's Lake has the top two varieties, Walleye and Northern Pike. The fish are feisty and itching for a fight. Need a break from all that fishing work? Walk over to one of the two portage lakes, sit back, cast out and enjoy the fight.

About Your Stay . . .

Our friendly staff will show you the hot spots for both walleye and northern pike!