McCUSKER LAKE is a fly-in Ontario Canada lake

We have 5 cabins at McCusker Lake and 6 fantastic portage lakes too!

What You'll Catch:


Cabins: sleep from 4 to 6

Portage Lakes: 6

Lake Size: 12,890 acres
Maximum Lake Depth: 250 ft
Lake Map:For larger Map and Download Click on Map Image.


Boats & Motors:14 ft Lund’s with swivel seats, 9.9 and 15 hp Yamaha’s (all gas provided)
Flight time and miles in Float Plane from Kenora to touch down on McCusker Lake: 60 minutes and 120 miles

McCusker Lake record Walleye: 33.5 inches, 14.1 lbs -caught and released (to be caught again)
McCusker Lake record Northern Pike: 52 inches, 35 1/2 lbs - caught and released (to be caught again)
McCusker Lake record Lake Trout: 29 inches, 19 lbs - caught and released (to be caught again)


What more could you want?

Is it exceptional northern pike or walleye fishing you are after? In 2004 the largest northern caught in Ontario that year was caught at McCusker Lake Camp. Our walleye and lake trout fishing is also fantastic. “The fishing is fantastic, best I’ve had “ – Stu Everett – Host of TV Show “Gone Fishing”

Cabins . . .

The larger cabins accommodate up to six people. Smaller cabins are available too. All face the water and have a scenic view of the lake. The cabins are comfortable and well maintained. They are stocked with full size refrigerator, pots, pans and dishes. Each cabin has running water; heating is provided by wood stoves.

Trophy Fishing . . .

Cast out, catch a fish. Cast out, catch a fish. Cast out, catch a fish...boring. If you want to be really bored like this, come to McCusker. Cool, clear waters and light fishing pressure equal large fish. We encourage catch and release fishing, so most of the big ones are still there.

No guides required. . .

Bring what you know about fishing to McCusker and you will be rewarded. Friendly staff will give you a couple of tips to start you out. It is not a matter of whether you will catch fish, only how many and how big.

Variety . . .

You can catch walleyes, northern and lake trout at McCusker. At some times of the year, you can sit in one spot and catch all three species. With a total of seven lakes to fish from the main camp, your main problem will be deciding what to do next. Each of the six side lakes is only a short portage away. Take your rod and tackle and in minutes, you are fishing on your own private lake. No other people, no other boats, fabulous fishing. If you can walk a hundred yards on an easy trail, you can fish most of these lakes.