SNOWSHOE LAKE is a fly-in Ontario Canada lake

SNOWSHOE LAKE is a fly-in Ontario Canada lake

We have 2 cabins on Snowshoe located 5 miles from each other.

What You'll Catch:

Gorgeous Walleye 2022


Mandi’s Dream Cabin: sleeps up to 12

Snowshoe West Cabin: sleeps up to 8

Lake Size:8,338 acres
Maximum Lake Depth:150 ft
Lake Map:For larger Map and Download Click on Map Image.


Boats & Motors:14 ft Lund’s with swivel seats, 9.9 and 15 hp Yamaha’s (all gas provided)
Flight time and miles in Float Plane from Kenora to touch down on Snowshoe Lake: 35 minutes and 65 miles

Snowshoe Lake record Walleye: 32.5 inches , 13.1 lbs -caught and released (to be caught again)
Snowshoe Lake record Northern Pike: 46 inches, 27.8 lbs - caught and released (to be caught again)


snowshoe lake
Snowshoe East newly shingled roof and deck rails summer 2017

Only the Best . . .

Mandi's Dream is a big 2-story, A-frame log cabin with wrap-around deck, in a park-like setting with a lush green, well groomed lawn. This extraordinary , well designed, modern cabin sleeps ten persons comfortably and can accommodate up to twelve. The last of our "BIG 3", with fantastic Walleye fishing. We feel there is no finer fly-in outpost anywhere. We welcome you to compare. The lake's reputation for producing Trophy Northern is reason enough for our guests' continual "Return to Snowshoe".

What You'll Catch . . .

The fishing is even better than the accommodations. Snowshoe is treasured for it's abundance of Walleye and it's massive Northern Pike. The cabin is located on a point with water on three sides. There are two docks. The big back dock shelters you from the waves on windy days and the log-pier front dock is only five minutes from the rapids on the Oiseau river. Fast and furious fish action is only minutes from the cabin. You will also see many other creatures if you keep your eyes peeled.

About Your Stay . . .

While at Snowshoe, you could visit some beautiful natural beaches. Our friendly staff will give you a few pointers before you leave Kenora and then let you explore during your stay. We also have flights every few days in case you require more equipment or advice.


snowshoe lake
Snowshoe west new picture window installed and new shingles 2016 season

The Original Snowshoe . . .

Snowshoe West, located five miles west of Snowshoe East (Mandi's Dream), is our original cabin on Snowshoe Lake. It is a rustic authentic log cabin -- all the logs were cut in the winter and skidded to the site by snowmachine. It is a one-of-a-kind outpost, being located on a hill with a panoramic view to the southeast. The cabin is located in Manitoba and the dock is in Ontario. The cabin is comfortable and cozy, with three bedrooms. It sleeps eight persons. The view from the deck (below left) looks southeast into Ontario. Excellent trophy pike can be caught along the weeds in this bay from late June through late August. The lake is part of the Ouiseau River system; it is an exceptionally healthy and reproductive fresh water body, approximately ten miles long.

What You'll Catch . . .

Snowshoe Lake is abundantly populated by both Walleye and Northern Pike. Many trophy sized Northern Pike have been caught here and released. This has encouraged many guests to return to Snowshoe for a return bout.

August 2022 "What A Walleye"

About Your Stay . . .

Should you require anything that isn't already provided, flights arrive every few days to accommodate you to the fullest extent.

Snowshoe Lake - What a Northern!!!!